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Q. What Will I Wear?

If your coming to me, I will greet you in sexy lingerie. If I'm coming to you, I will be dressed classy but nothing flashy. So I can be as discrete as possible. Once inside your place I will surprise you with what I'm wearing underneath. I accept special outfit requests.

Q. How Should I Give You My Donation?

Please provide the cash in an envelope or place it in plain site as soon as we meet. If your using PayPal, Cash app, or Google Wallet transfers will be completed at the beginning of our date.

Q. Are Refrences/Screening Really Necessary?

While I appreciate your need for discretion, my safety is as important as your privacy. Trust is an integral part of our relationship. If I cannot verify you, I cannot see you. This is non negotiable.

Q. Can You bring a Girlfriend?

Yes I can! I like women very much, and I have a few wonderful girlfriends who would love to join us on our date.

Q. What are Your Expectations of Me?

I expect you to present me with my donation at the commencement of each appointment. If we are in public, please be discreet and use a small gift bag or something similar. I expect that you be a gentleman at all times and respect any boundaries I have. To make our date as enjoyable as possible, please be well groomed, freshly showered and have minty-fresh breath.

Q. We have Chemistry, Can we spend donation free time Together?

During our date I will treat you as if your my true companion. So I can understand how feelings might get blurred but considering I am a professional first, I do not mix business with pleasure. Please DO NOT press this issue. If you do I will have to seize all communication with you.